Connecting to LocoKit using WiFi

The approach depends on the operating system in use, but it should be straight forward.

Guides to creating an ad-hoc network on your opperating system:




The first step is to form a peer to peer network with LocoKit. Before powering up LocoKit, have a adhoc network created on your computer which the LocoKit should then connect to.

You have to give your computer an IP address manually. The IP adress should be of the form 192.168.2.XXX where XXX is between 100-255. The lower numbers are reserved for LocoKit. You should make sure you choose a different number from other computers connecting to LocoKit. The subnet mask is and the name of the ad-hoc network have to be "gumstix-network". There is no security on the connection.

The default IP of a new LocoKit is

If succesful your computer should show that it is conneced and both blue diode should light up on LocoKit.

With a successful connection to the robot, you should be able to open the web-site on the robot by typing the address into the address line of your standar web browser.

If you have questions or problems you are very welcome to send an e-mail to Jørgen Chr. Larsen to get support: