Motors and LocoKit board

The motors can be connected to the LocoKit board using one of the two connectors located next to the battery connector (as shown in the figure below).

It does not make any different which connector on the LocoKit Board is used and you may also use both if you want. Additional motors can be attached to other motors in a chain passing a cable from one motor to the next. At least twelve motors can be connected.

When connecting cables to the motors, make sure that you support the PCB by holding on to it, while pressing the connector into place. If not done so, the material holding the PCB may brake as it is a bit fragile. The cable will need a firm push to make the connector go into place.

Important: The last motor in a chain should have a terminator (shown in the middle of the figure) connected to the unused connector.

Important: Be carefull not to drop the motors on the flor. They may break.

If you have questions or problems you are very welcome to send an e-mail to Jørgen Chr. Larsen to get support: