Getting started on the web-interface - LocoWeb

When the connection to the robot have been established, you can point you standard web browser to the web-site on the robot - LocoWeb, by entering the ip of the robot (default) into the address bar of you browser. This should give you the following webpage:


To get starter running some motors, you will first have to tell the system which motors that are connected. You do this by entering the numbers of the motors into the "List ID's of connected motors" field and press "Set". If everything is successful you should get the folowing page:

Now, to get you motor(s) running go to the "Control" page by clicking the menu in to of the page. This should give you the following page:

Here, you should make sure that the four fields "Motor ID" are showing the ID's of the motors connected. If not, just write the correct ID's. When the ID's are correct you press "Set" and afterwards "Start". If everything is working your motors should start to run.

If you have problems or question please write an e-mail to Jørgen Chr. Larsen to get support: